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Misted- To get extremely fucked up off Canadian Mist Whiskey.
Ey homes, im so fucking misted right now.
by E-LOCO April 08, 2010
The phenomenon when a male must take a urinal next to another man who then urinates with such force, the urine bounces off the porcelain and sprays the unsuspecting man who is thus "misted"
Man 1: "Damn only urinal left...I really have to go though, ahh fuck it."
Man 2: *begins to urinate with the power of a fire truck*
Man 1: *misted*
by thisnameisntalreadybeingused February 09, 2010
Democrat spelling of the english word "missed".

Definition: To feel sorrow and joy at the same time, while receiving a lost loved one's government subsidy.
Actual example from the back window of a Cadillac in the Social Security Office parking lot: "R.I.P. Rose,
You will be misted"
by Rev. Calvin McDougle December 28, 2004
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