WHat you say when you don't know what to say. Also could be used to describe life. Life is sideways.
Life is sideways.
by America24 February 07, 2013
In recorded music, the attribute of one song sounding like another because of similar beat, melody, singing voice(s), etc.
"Spanish Dancer" by Stevie Winwood is "Empty Pages" by Traffic sideways.
by Milt Alwin September 22, 2009
Someone who is very drunk is said to be sideways
You'd be fine if you hadn't gotten so sideways last night.
by Dorian Black February 27, 2005
Adj. Used to describe a state of varying levels of inebriation.

Dude, after that ninth beer I was totally sideways
by n1 April 16, 2003
A more painful way of telling some fool to "shove it."
BITCH, y'all can shove that broomstick up your ass ... SIDEWAYS!
by Drillz May 20, 2003
An object/ situation/ person/ whatever that is downright insane, and or ludacris. Crazy.
"Yo dude, see that guy having a conversation with the garbage can over there? Man is completely sideways, yo."
by blank April 23, 2003
a:to usurp a lay friend from one of your friends
b:the act of this usurping
c:sam klug
"man sam is so sideways, he just sidled up between that dude and his girl nd started dancing"
by Mr. S. April 27, 2004

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