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A sidewalk slam (AKA slammer, sidewalk slammer, or just a slam) is a beverage concocted by mixing any Malt Liquor 40 oz. with an alcoholic energy drink such as Sparks, Tilt, or my personal favorite, Four Loko. This beverage, commonly consumed by smelly kids with dreadlocks and big goofy grins is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to get drunk that i have ever personally experienced. It is known to cause blackouts, bad decisions (i.e. taking LSD at midnight when you have work the next day), and awful hangovers, too.
My favorite sidewalk slam is made from High Gravity Side Pocket 10.5% ABV taken 75% down and mixed with an orange Four Loco! let's get a fuckin slam!

-phone rings-
Me - Ughhh...hello?
Henry - Hey man. Let's go get some slams.
Me - Dude. It's 10 AM.
Henry - Exactly.

Dillon - You want to get a slam?
Me - Sure. Let's get drunk.
Dillon - Can i get a Xanax from you?
Me - No.

Steven - Hey man. Let's go get a slammer.
Me - Why the hell not?
Henry - I've got some Ketamine, too.
Me - I don't want any Ketamine, man.
-three hours into a slam session-
Me - Alright. Give me some K.
by space cadet slam November 18, 2010
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also know as sidewalk slammer or just slam or slammers depending on the context. it is an alcoholic beverage commonly concocted by squatters, punks, hippies and the like. the creation of this delicious drink involves taking a 40 oz of your favorite beer (although personally i have heard from some sources that the true sidewalk slam has to use king cobra) and drink merrily down to the label, then fill up your half empty beer with either sparks or tilt alcoholic energy drink and enjoy! note also (from some very good sources) that the name itself derives from either of two things: 1. you slam the bottle bottom on the sidewalk to make it foam up so as to snort/drink the foam (which gives you a nice head change as i have discovered) or 2. the fact that after one or two of these bad boys your be yourself slamming on the sidewalk or slammed as the case may be. i have heard that this drink originated in either Hollywood Los angeles or in san franscisco on the haight ashbury area on hippie hill, although no real proof of this exists one might speculate that only california could produce a drink as unique and multi faceted as this.
hey, lets go back to the ditch man, i got some sidewalk slammers and im looking to get trashed.

jesse-hey what you got there?
scott&collin- a couple a slams
jesse- no shit! let get at a chug
by xxGORExx December 19, 2008
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An alcoholic beverage consisting of a 40 oz. of beer and a Sparks alcoholic energy drink.
"Hey bro, lets get some sidewalk slams tonight!"
by Collin Galey October 15, 2007
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A side walk slam is an alcoholic drink where you drink about 75 percent of the king cobra 40oz (down to the bottom of the label) and then fill the rest of it up with either sparks, tilt, joose, or four loko.
My favorite sidewalk slam is a king cobra with a four loko fruit punch!!!
by pinkbabyILYSOMUCH April 29, 2009
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A mixture of any 40oz of beer mixed with malt liquor beverage.
My sidewalk slam is mixed with a 40 of Mickeys and a Watermelon 4 Loko. YUM !
by Charlie Herron May 31, 2010
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