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24oz can of pure recockulus energy drink mixed with 12% alcohol. The favorite drink of a crazy person. Tastes like carbonated antifreeze mixed with plastic bottle vodka in a toilet. The strange interaction between the caffeine, alcohol, and rat poison in this drink gets a person beyond drunk. The technical term for this reckless state is 'different'.
Shit bro, if i have one more sip of this 4Loko i'm gonna get so different i might get us a hooker and more coke.

Get that 4 Loko out of my face before we all get different and rob a liquor store.
by ratn9ne August 06, 2010
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Also known as blackout-in-a-can or liquid cocaine, 4 loko is a trifecta of 12% ABV malt beverage, caffeine, and excessively sweet flavored syrup. Available in numerous flavors such as grape, watermelon, and cranberry lemonade, that all taste equally terrible. Drinking four cans causes one to go "loko" and gain superhuman abilities as well as a unexplainable need to do things one would never even consider while sober.

One can costs only about 3 dollars yet has as much alcohol as a bottle of wine and more caffeine than a monster, causing severe inebriation combined with excessive amounts of energy. A perfect beverage for someone looking to get incredibly fucked up, while also fucking shit up. Not to be consumed by retarded freshmen, underweight asians, or girlfriends, as all will end up puking their brains out and being insufferably retarded and annoying for the remainder of the night.
Guy #1: "Dude, I drank 20 beers last night, blacked out, passed out on the couch, and got my face drawn on."

Guy #2: "Oh yeah? I drank four 4 Lokos, blacked out, jumped off the roof into a swimming pool, fucked my friend's girlfriend, took a shit on SAE's lawn and put my head through a wall before I passed out in the parking lot's elevator."

Guy #1: "Damn, I wish I had gone loko last night..."

Guy #2: "So loko, bro!"
by fear boner November 06, 2010
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The 4 Lokos of a 4 Loko Night:

1. memory wipe
2. found wandering
3. regret
4. no conequences
this is what happens when you experience the 4 lokos of a 4loko drink 3 4lokos, punch a girl in the stomach, leave the party, abandon your bike somewhere and walk the opposite direction home, you lose your hat, your backpack , your bike, and wake up wondering if you traded your laptop to the cabbie that took you home. your friends slowly bring everything back to you the next day and you find your laptop in your sock drawer.
by booboobooooo August 21, 2010
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An alcoholic beverage that is considered by many to be the guillotine of all drinks. Not for the inexperienced; do not give it to a bitch friend, annoying girlfriend, or wuss.

See: bitch friend / annoying girlfriend / wuss

The equivalent to a horse kicking you in the face, after two cans. If you can get past the first one without vomiting all over your girlfriend's tits, the second one will have you blacking out, crying for the mercy of death as you go around in circles around a lightpost in the middle of the highway and screaming about Fidel Castro and how he likes to fuck children in the ass.

Three cans is considered suicide in Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, New York, and Texas.
Hey man, want to drink some 4 Lokos tonight?

Sure, let me get a tourniquette and write out my will first.


Yo! I bought some 4 lokos, can I pass by?

Do you have a rifle at standby, with tranquilizer darts?

Shit, no; let me go get it first.
by lrodry18 October 06, 2010
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4 loko is a potent beverage, better than drinking a joose. It has 11% alcohol and gets you pretty wasted really fast.
Why are you drinking joose? 4 lokos own that pussy drink bitch.
by babyy e March 08, 2009
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craziest shit on the market, wildest beverage
I'm gettin loko with my 4loko!
by jennaTales November 17, 2010
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