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A view of the female breast seen from a side; generally under loosely-fitting clothes. Very titillating (pun intended) and sexual without showing any overt nudity.
There is so much sideboob at Los Angeles awards shows!

My brother's g/f's sideboob totally distracted me from my own g/f.
by Nutty J September 17, 2005
n. What is seen when a topless woman (or very fat man) turn far enough to the side to see the breast, but not the nipple. Many movies, in order to keep a PG-13 rating, show only side boob. Braless women who wear sleeveless t-shirts are notorious for side boob.
"My roommate's girlfriend was wearing his muscle shirt without a bra. It was side boob city."
by FuryOfDerwin September 15, 2005
A view of the female breast seen from the arm side; generally under loosely-fitting clothes. img
There was plenty of sideboob on show at the awards ceremony.
by wirby January 22, 2009
A womans boobs from the side. Often gives a better perspective of the size, and shape of the boobs.
"She has nice side boob!" - Easton Michael
by Jeremy Robinson November 27, 2007
The portion of a woman's breast visible from the side due to loose fitting or skimpy clothing, such as a vest with no top or bra, through the arm of a tank top, or a button undone.
One of Marianne's buttons popped, revealing generous side boob.
by gigablip September 16, 2008
The side view of a female breast that is usually unintentionally exposed by a female wearing a loose shirt or revealing bathing suit. Arguably almost better than actually seeing a fully exposed breast, the sideboob is the "profile" of a breast without exposure of the nipple. The side boob gives you a great sense of what you are working with while also keeping it PG-13.
Her side boob is out of control in that shirt
by EFP3 April 28, 2009
The side of a woman/mans boob
''How about this sideboob? You like that huh? Well thats my sideboob'' -Peter Griffin, Family Guy
by Bambieyes16 January 21, 2009
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