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1. A term used to describe someone who actually has a great ass.
2. A term used by those who do not actually know if the person they are speaking of actually has a great ass. They just see that they are hot, look at their rump, and say that they have a great ass without knowing the actual quality of said ass.
Tenpenny: "Look at Jill's rump. My, she has a great ass."
Frank: "Jill's face is really great, but she is flat as a pancake in the back, you silly fuck."
by Andromeda1232 January 17, 2009
Previously defined in Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary as "to say or tell something to give others a high opinion of one." It applies to Urban Dictionary in the sense of many useless humans attempting to make new terms in the form of their own names and typing in useless comments about themselves. One can only guess that they do this in order to receive validation and/or seek validation by the rest of the population.
Sarah had such piss-poor self-esteem that she had to go on a what was once good site like Urban Dictionary to boast about herself and make others think she is actually a decent human.
by Andromeda1232 January 17, 2009
A view of the breast from the side that is really only good-looking on hot women with large tits, and if pretty much useless on small-titted cunts.
Joanne has really small tits so her loose dress made her sideboob look like filth.
by Andromeda1232 January 17, 2009
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