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Someone who is used by another just to say they have extra hoes. AKA ... Said to be a Player.
My boyfriend's little brother thought so much of himself he claimed to have at least 2 side-salad's, excluding his girlfriend.
by Lacey March 27, 2005
refers to smoking marijuana when one uses many other drugs as well.
i've already done heroin today and i dont feel like doing cocaine. time for a little side salad.
by dwagz August 10, 2009
is getting or giving a tossed salad to a dwarf or midget.
At that bachelor party the dancers gave each other side salads.
by sg420 May 03, 2010
Tossing the salad of a midget.
Dude, you totally tossed that midget's salad! Aw yeah, a side salad...
by neworleansshaun May 03, 2010
Dude, I have the munchies and serious cotton mouth. I've been smoking too much side salad!
by PostalMonk April 01, 2009
A more covert way of describing a "pop over", which is a bra or top so tight on the breasts that the cleavage puddles and pops over the top of the bra. Enough of the breast to peak interest, like a salad, but it's not the main course.
Look at the side salad on her. Her bra must be tired!
by Darkspyder July 08, 2009
A side Salad is a female whom you would like to have cheeky, no strings attached sex with
"0o0o look at that side salad, I just wana stick it in her shitter"
by Jack87 June 14, 2008