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A brutal wet fart after a big delicious Indian meal.
Ah, that palak paneer was so heavenly! ... (Farts) Oh shit, I think that was a wet masala! Better run to the shitter!
by PostalMonk November 29, 2008
Being violated online in any way.
I felt so violated when my the hacker used my e-mail address for a 419 scam. I WAS E-RAPED!
by PostalMonk July 07, 2009
Dude, I have the munchies and serious cotton mouth. I've been smoking too much side salad!
by PostalMonk April 01, 2009
A euphemism for ear wax.
I was digging in my ear and got a nice big clump of ear gold! Sweet!
by PostalMonk November 29, 2008
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