Multiple instances of sickness, simultaneously.
Devan came over to visit one day and surprised me with really great Jamaican Beef Patties. I already had a surprise up my sleeve with having Boodhoo's Jerk readily available. Both of these instances can be described as Sicknesses.
by raxalot March 24, 2009
Top Definition
wicked mega awesome, totally sick, amazing
sean:dude, i just smoked a huge ass joint !
ryan: sickness !!
by enitx23 November 18, 2004
When your throat, mouth, and tongue all dry out and you need to rank a big drank. The sickness can only be cured by any type of alchoholic beverage in large quantities, but mainly purple drank or jungle juice should be used.
Mann I can wait to get off work because I got the sickness bad!!!
by SteveMa March 20, 2007
Something you're typically down with.
Most people I know are down with the sickness.
by Mike of the Narkotics August 07, 2008
something that is disgusting or unpleasant
Robert: Take a wiff of my fridge.
James: Aw! Sickness!
by antjcar86 September 13, 2006
Of or relating to heroin addiction
I can't go to work cause I got the sickness.

Geenie got the sickness...she been shooting it into her eyeballs man.
by damn_fool July 19, 2006
Down with the Sickness is one of the greatest albums of all time, from one of the best bands ever, Disturbed. They are not shit music, and neither is Sickness.
"Down with the Sickness is so much better than your shitty music collection"
by Nudger December 09, 2003
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