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a good friend who is sarcastic. She is pretty and likes the smell of other people. She doesn't give a lot of people chances.
That sibel is really cool
by karley ermini June 20, 2008
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The definition of sibel is a raindrop that hasn't hit the surface yet. It's a beautiful turkish name
person one: a rain that hasnt hit the surface is called sibel
person two: oh wow i didnt know that and my name is sibel XD
by Erica123456 November 03, 2011
A Turkish girl that, with glasses, looks like a sexy secretary.

Shes sometimes shy, but is usually friendly when approached and can turn into someone close fast.
shes pretty and funny.

and secretly a prostitute.
oh look.. its a sibel
by thetickler123 August 18, 2012
A way to describe a cheap Turkish whore. Comes in many shapes and sizes. Not the best face, but decent in the body. Since she's from Turkey, with that hot climate, be sure to give extra deodorant.
1: Hey man when's your sick bachelor party?
2: I'm not sure. I can't afford to hire any girls...
1: No worries, just get some Sibels! They're cheap and good!
2: Alright! Straight! The party is back on!
1: Sibel to the rescue.
by WTPKS December 28, 2010

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