1)the act of doing something profound to someone

2)similar to cool

3)similiar to not so cool

4) a term made up by some looser in saskatoon, saskatchewan

2) that was shwank

3)that was shwank

4) that was shwank
by carly February 11, 2004
Like shagging but without penetration, using other body parts of partner to masturbate.
I shwanked her butt cheeks!
by Dave Rimmer February 03, 2004
A cross between Shit & Wank !!

Fuck me boys that Curry was ShWank !!
by Barry Bab May 23, 2005
Another meaning for penis;
Hanging low.
My shwank is swinging
by Dan Cordeiro January 19, 2004
smell like BO
damn you shwank.... take a shower!
by Hilary and Jade April 04, 2003
To steal, on the sly
He shwanked my last beer.
by Christy February 05, 2004

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