the easiest way to communicate that you think something is awesome .
that was shwank!!!
Yeah! that was so cool my balls switched places!!!!
by reallywhite May 06, 2011
To masturbate while taking a shower
"I'm getting a verucas, who had a shwank?"
by anal twat March 19, 2009
In the card game Hearts, the act of forcing another player to take the Queen of Spades on a trick won with a card valued Four or lower.
Cards played: Four of Diamonds, Three of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds, Queen of Spades.

"You really got shwanked on that trick!"
by Thoolis January 27, 2009
the conjunction of she-wank.
ie female masturbation
i'm off for a shwank.
by NeoSpoone March 27, 2007
A man or women Whore. Someone who is dirty, skanky and or scantalus. aka swank, add the H and their super swanky!
Just an all around bad and disgusting person...
Your Mom is a dirty shwank, what a shwanky ho bag she is...

John Doe is a disgusting pervert, what a shwanky bastard...
by Tgold June 18, 2006
someone who is cooler than everyone
Oo! Check out Meggie and Sashi! They are so swank
by Sashi April 21, 2005
A shag that has no love, so technically, should be called a wank.
That ho got shwanked good and propper
by Sambo February 05, 2004

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