mixture between dank and shwagg Dank meaning kind budd, shwagg meaning mexican off the truck grown in your grandpas back yard stress weed.
Hey i got some budd it aint bomb but it aint crapp you know shwagg.
by Efe November 09, 2003
weed that had the potential to ba really good and dank but was for some reason ruined ( sprayed,premature,moldy)
by dick1 September 22, 2003
1. The flesh colored organ that hangs from the groin region of a man

2.A derogative or insult
1. I have a big shwank.

2. You are an uber shwank.
by Kendall Stacey May 17, 2006
A cross between Shit & Wank !!
When you think somthing is crap, This is the perfect word to say about it.
"What did you think of that new club mate? "

To be honest mate it was ShWank !!
by Boss 69 May 24, 2005
To screw up miserably. Derived from "shank," which is a less dramatic screw up.
I left my cellphone at that ugly girl's house- such a shwank
by Shwanker April 26, 2003
This word is a mixture between swank and shway.
That was such a shwank party.
by PYRO November 20, 2002
Masturbating in the shower
part shower part wank
often done when staying somewhere communal e.g. a youth hostel
I had to have a shwank in scarborough so no one else could see me!
by school May 11, 2007

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