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The exalted one.
He who reigns supreme.
He was the Shuki of the tiny village.
They all worshipped him.
by IdTellYouButIdHaveToKillYou June 28, 2003
A skeleton, usually found buried in the ground by drunk archeologists. Can be any skeleton. Everybody has a shuki, and alot of us have a shuki in the closet.
Booth: We have another case.

Bones:We found another shuki!
by Da_Shlick January 24, 2012
the popuplar term for sticking two fingers in the vagina and one in the asshole when a girl is having her period - the saying that comes with the shukis is "two in the blood and one in the mud!!!"
if you don't shut the hell up you stupid dickfor, i am going to give you a shukis
by anonymous March 12, 2003

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