Someone who has the inability to continue listening to a song on his/her iPod for over thirty seconds.
The DJ ended up being a Shuffler and I would only hear 10 seconds of every good song.
by 7evin May 28, 2008
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Someone in a minimum wage job with no prospects. So-called because of the snail paced speed they shuffle from one task to another. The only time they move at any speed is when going to their breaks or leaving work. Usually employed in the cleaning and fast-food industries
*door 20 yards away is heard opening*
*2 minutes later*

A: I thought I heard that door open
B: Yeah I called for a cleaner, it'll be one of the shufflers, give it another minute or so
by Iain1977 February 22, 2008
a noun to describe a person or persons who shuffle their feet when they walk at a slow speed, causing pedestrian traffic, usually at the annoyance of people walking behind them. They also stop wherever they want, regardless if they are blocking a door, an escalator or entrance to a store/building.
"Hey, avoid that area,there are too many shufflers, we will never make our movie on time"

"If this damn shuffler don't move, I'm gonna kill her"
by Sheepface March 05, 2012
A old man who doesn't walk and instead shuffles.
Who's that creepy shuffler who's been going past our window every two minutes?
by supermac September 21, 2009
A fat cunt who dont work and still sucks his mums tits.
To somebody who fits the above criteria

"You're such a shuffler"
by Vin in Leeds April 29, 2006
its a fart that sounds like a deck of cards being shuffled
after i ripped one real loud, my friend chris said that fart sounded like a deck of cards being shuffled, hence the term shuffler every time a fart sounds like that
by ebjimmyg May 30, 2005

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