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To have a "shuffle"

The act of masturbation, normally by a female. Shuffle denotes the rythmic hand movement used to stimulate the nether regions
I caught Kim having a shuffle in her room last night
by Usually007 August 25, 2004
The time of your parents life when they believe you should start taking things that you want out of their house before they are dead.
Todd, you need to start preparing for the "Shuffle".
by Todd Williams December 20, 2011
When you have multiple songs stuck in your head that keep changing. Derived from the IPod's Shuffle option.
Dude, I've got The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Lady Gaga stuck in my head.
Looks like you've got a case of the Shuffles.
by Nacho Mouse April 25, 2011
a black man or woman whom seems to take forever to cross
the street
this is an attitude brought on by the fact that because they
take the bus and you drive;you are not any better than they are!
Next time one of those niggers plays shuffles in the cross
walk with me again.i'm going to use him as a hood ornament!
FRIEND; Can I hit the gas?
by driver_im8 July 10, 2009
Shuffle. To have a wank. Male masturbation.
It is known as having a "5 knuckle shuffle". This is a term widely recognised in London England, as well as most other parts of the country.
I enjoy a nightly shuffle
by bazza7 February 11, 2009
Newest rendition in the iPod family. Very small form factor with a built in clip to attach on a belt or pocket.
Damn, i can fit over 200 songs on this shuffle.
by ben newton January 01, 2007
Acting obsequious or subservient, in a slave-like manner.
When a cop stops me in Georgia, I shuffle.
by cornholio October 16, 2003