A sort of dance that is performed by the low brass (Baritone, Sousaphone, and Trombone) members in a few marching bands.
It involves "Swing Trailing" your instruments while kicking your legs in front of and behind you in unison.

1-Left leg halfway out front
2-Right leg as high in the air as you can get it (out front)
3-Left leg halfway back
4-Right leg all the way back
"Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Grab your bone (trombone), it's shuffle time!"
by Shangri August 06, 2004
Acting obsequious or subservient, in a slave-like manner.
When a cop stops me in Georgia, I shuffle.
by cornholio October 16, 2003
A group of nerds. Like a murder of crows of a gaggle of geese.
There was a shuffle of nerds waiting for the computer store to open.
by Steven De Costa September 16, 2006
To play every song Rhianna ever sang.
"I put my Ipod on shuffle, and every song Rhianna ever sang played."
by theboywhoblockedhisownshot January 05, 2010
means sex plainly and simply reffering to the art of taking each others clothes off and penetrating it might not sound the best word but you most often find your big strong grimey men asking you for shuffle and in my eyes call it what you want as long as i get it
katie- how long have you been home
andrew- about an hour you look gorgeous
katie- do i seriously
andrew- get that tight little wet cunt over here and gime some shuffle
by rowanda February 09, 2008
to go on a beer or liquor run
Go on a shuffle for me.
by j April 04, 2004
An incredibly shit style of dancing that makes you look like a complete twat
Shannon: I've been practising my shuffle
Erin: You're a downie, get a fucking life you stupid cocksmoker
by EJCR January 05, 2009

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