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when something is really cute
1. awwwwwwwwww he's sooooo shubby!!!
2. shubby shubby!!! (to the shubby person)
by el duderino January 19, 2004
a submissive husband or partner
My shubby will do anything I say!
by shubby December 04, 2007
Waiting for my Shubby to get home!
by rutrow123 January 26, 2011
The illusion that after shaving a person's face becomes more chubby.
Shubby = shaven and chubby.
Awww, you look so Shubby now!
by JessnDaz December 04, 2008
Backalley handjob
You know Rebecca? She got bored, drove to Wales and gave some dude a shubby behind 7/11
by B Rice (brook) April 28, 2010
a SHE who is chubby
That girl is so shubby.
Ew, what a shubby!
by alli00p15 May 05, 2009
Acroynm for Secretive Hook Up Boy. One of your guy friends that hooks up with girls, but will never tell anybody, and normally when this person is asked, they deny everything. This person normally tells you and your friends everything else about them, besides the goodlooking or mostly nasty girls that they hook up with.Add the "by" at the end. Same applies for girls, Shuggy
"Darren you tell me everything, what the hell, fine dont tell me you shubby"
by Christopher Trap October 05, 2007
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