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This typically describes a man under 5 foot 5 inches. Also known as "A little guy". A shribble man thinks he has the ability to take on any person at any task. It is a general cockiness that is in a shribble to replace the lack of height.
Guy 1: "Man why is John so aggressive towards me?"
Guy 2: "Awh don't worry about it, he's just a little shribble.. he can't hurt no one."

Guy 1: "I don't get why that guy can squat so much and run so fast!!"

Guy 2: "Well just look at him, he's a shribble. "
by kayylaamarie February 24, 2015
the little annoying plants that will get stuck in your shoes and socks when you walk through canyons and areas like that
These shribbles keep picking me when I walk.
by EP The Man October 28, 2008
When a person experiences a toilet missing case of diarrhea, thereby ruining clothing, skin, and anything else that may come into contact with the watery river of bowel ejections...

Put simply, a case of shit dribbling.
After arriving late to the party suffering a dose of the shribbles, his exit to the bathroom came too late, much to the entertainment of the other guests.
by Mr. Shribble June 13, 2009
When an girl makes a guy feel small because of her independant nature.
Now that these guys know that I don't need a man to be happy, they just shribble up!
by W0rdMast3r April 20, 2011
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