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the little annoying plants that will get stuck in your shoes and socks when you walk through canyons and areas like that
These shribbles keep picking me when I walk.
by EP The Man October 28, 2008
4 2
When a person experiences a toilet missing case of diarrhea, thereby ruining clothing, skin, and anything else that may come into contact with the watery river of bowel ejections...

Put simply, a case of shit dribbling.
After arriving late to the party suffering a dose of the shribbles, his exit to the bathroom came too late, much to the entertainment of the other guests.
by Mr. Shribble June 13, 2009
3 4
When an girl makes a guy feel small because of her independant nature.
Now that these guys know that I don't need a man to be happy, they just shribble up!
by W0rdMast3r April 20, 2011
4 7
when your weeniee shrinkes
your boner shibbled. i feel so un-horny
by andrew liu May 03, 2005
5 21