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(v) to tear up the streets or otherwise act as a gangsta homeboy; to continuously roll in and out of various establishments; to roll deep
C Lames: Yo what was you doin' last night?
Sammy V: I was out shreddin shreddin Po-town.
C Lames: Ahhh shit.
by C Lames April 27, 2006
rippin it on any board sport
dude: see that bs 540?

peanut gallery: yeah man, u were totally shreddin!
by poopoomcgoo September 27, 2009
Performing at an above average level or with an impressive amount of physical activity. Often associated with football.
The team was really shreddin' it at training this week.
by CamBaileyFan August 18, 2010
The act of drinking throughout the night that is soo smooth you would be "Shreddin" the night away. Also, vomiting would eliminate the act of shreddin
Guy: Last night was incredible!

His Bud: Yes, we were definately Shreddin last night
by Bestical July 20, 2011
a word used by skater fags to describe their really gay snowboarding or skateboarding ways. usually used to try and impress girls but always backfires, unless of course it is a skater slut.
hey girl see me shreddin out there today?

No, and i dont like you, get out of my face.
by dawggie dog December 10, 2008
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