a cigarette, or the last few drags on a friend's cigarette.
"yo lemme get dat shorty, dawg"
by Cryptic Josh November 11, 2013
A female companion usually referred to as baby or bae and different from southerner version
" I love my shorty word to my motha I do . "
by Insist April 19, 2015
A short summary, as in, for studying the law.
Your shorty's so tight, you're definitely going to ace contracts!
by legalshorty December 16, 2013
(n.) A hawt suburban woman.
"I got fine ass shorties comin' through the slidin' door of my pop's van.
by E-wreckshun December 12, 2003
1. A girl, especially one with whom one has a relationship (e.g. girlfriend, hook-up)

2. One's offspring, especially young offspring.
1. You won't eva' find anotha' shorty like mine.
2. She was s'posed to buy yo' shorty Tyco with yo' money.
by PlanBMatt September 27, 2006
Now turned again to be gender-neural so it can mean a male who a girl finds sexy and attractive.
"Lordy, shorty you're a 10 and I wait for your drunk dials at 3:30 am, I love them" from Kitty Pryde's song "okay cupid" May 2012.
by savante July 06, 2012
A slang for a girlfriend.
Troy:Hey shorty come over here.

An adult thats short or other known as midget
Joe: Hey look at that shorty.
Troy:Hey shorty come over here.

Joe:Hey did you see that midget
Bill:Dont you meen shorty.
by ZACH24 April 20, 2011

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