a cigarette, or the last few drags on a friend's cigarette.
"yo lemme get dat shorty, dawg"
#fag #cigarette #cancer stick #tobacco rod #square
by Cryptic Josh November 11, 2013
A female companion usually referred to as baby or bae and different from southerner version
" I love my shorty word to my motha I do . "
#shorty #baby #bae #cute #girlfriend
by Insist April 19, 2015
A short summary, as in, for studying the law.
Your shorty's so tight, you're definitely going to ace contracts!
#summary #short #sum #information #book
by legalshorty December 16, 2013
(n.) A hawt suburban woman.
"I got fine ass shorties comin' through the slidin' door of my pop's van.
by E-wreckshun December 12, 2003
1. A girl, especially one with whom one has a relationship (e.g. girlfriend, hook-up)

2. One's offspring, especially young offspring.
1. You won't eva' find anotha' shorty like mine.
2. She was s'posed to buy yo' shorty Tyco with yo' money.
#girl #children #girlfriend #son #daughter
by PlanBMatt September 27, 2006
Now turned again to be gender-neural so it can mean a male who a girl finds sexy and attractive.
"Lordy, shorty you're a 10 and I wait for your drunk dials at 3:30 am, I love them" from Kitty Pryde's song "okay cupid" May 2012.
#sexy #attractive #handsome #desirable #hot.
by savante July 06, 2012
A slang for a girlfriend.
Troy:Hey shorty come over here.

An adult thats short or other known as midget
Joe: Hey look at that shorty.
Troy:Hey shorty come over here.

Joe:Hey did you see that midget
Bill:Dont you meen shorty.
#shorty #midget #girlfriend #hoe #bitch
by ZACH24 April 20, 2011
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