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In the Advance Wing set. This is awarded for performing oral sex on a female knowing she has a STD or VD
Man i got my green wings last Night...not cool.
by Fatboyinc December 03, 2007
Despite it's widely excepted use as slang for Purple haze, or Purple Kush (extremely Potent Strains of Marijuana), "The Purps" or "Da Purps" is a sativa/indica hybrid strain of marijuana and is not the same as purple haze or kush.
Hey bro i just got some of The Purps and som OG in. Hit me Up.
by Fatboyinc December 03, 2007
A cigarette that has been put out to smoke later. Usually smoked by broke folks.
Damn, got no cigarettes, no money...I wonder if theres a shorty in that ash tray.
by Fatboyinc December 03, 2007

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