Black and white patrol car. Cops carry all their gear in the cars so they're one stop shops
The shop rolled around the corner and stopped in front of Turnbull's Market. The two unis climbed out, hands on their batons. There was trouble in the air.
by pabrown May 01, 2008
To "borrow" permanently from a sibling. Derived from the appearance of a sibling strolling through your closet or CD/DVD collection, looking at all the merchandise, placing selected items into their virtual shopping cart, saying "hey, can I borrow this shirt, your Abbey Road CD, and The Matrix?", and never returning any of the items, causing you to eventually steal back all your stuff next Thanksgiving.
"Hey hon, let's watch The Matrix tonight."

"We can't."


"Because my brother shopped for it about six months ago."
by JizzleDizzle September 22, 2005
vb. To hamper, deliberately or otherwise, the success of another, or oneself, in the act of trying to engineer an intimate encounter with a member of the opposite sex. Often used in phrasal form in conjuction with the word "meeting", i.e. "To shop one's meeting."
Looks like big Colin shopped you again.
Are you serious about always shopping me?
Sorry, mate, didn't mean to shop your meeting.
I just shopped myself.
by McCraickin January 17, 2005
a really easy class in which the teacher doesn't notice anything so you can do your homework and cheat on tests with out being bothered
pat! close up shop the headmaster is coming!
by bengomgebonics January 09, 2008
a drug house or a place you dont want other people to know the details about
yeah bra ill meet you at the shop after the party
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
shop is how a hairlipped person says "chop".
I'm going outside and shop some wood.
by baugh April 04, 2004
Short term for the chess piece bishop. Often used as part of an exclamation for a bishop sacrifice.
An onlooker surprised by a bishop sacrifice may exclaim,
"You gave him your 'shop!?"
by balbir September 20, 2007
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