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To leave work early, disregarding the status of any project that is currently needing attention. The employee's escape is similar to Fred sliding down the dinosaur's tail in the opening credits of The Flintstones.
"It's 11:59AM on Friday, and Bob already yabadabadooed, in spite of the entire mainframe being down. How 'bout that Bob."
by JizzleDizzle August 30, 2005
1. Demolition Derby maneuver in which two contestants working in tandem crash into an opponent simultaneously from opposite sides, thereby creating the effect of a trash compactor. Coined in an episode of Happy Days, when the Malachi Brothers execute this maneuver on Pinky Tuscadero's car at the climax of the demolition derby. Pinky survived.

2. Any wanton attack that involves a two-pronged blitzkrieg by equal forces, converging on an incapacitated target.

3. Lascivious maneuver in which a female with ample bosom attacks a passed-out concert-goer with said bosoms, placed on either side of said concert-goers head, and subsequently crushing that head.
"Jen gave John a Malachi Crunch after he passed out in his seat at the Rush concert."
by JizzleDizzle September 06, 2007
A place where people go to eat seafood, that has a neon sign out front that reads "Red Lobster", which is populated by an inordinant number of African Americans dressed in their finest attire.
"Hmmm, it's Father's Day and I'm in the mood for an Ultimate Feast... let's go to Black Lobster!"
by JizzleDizzle August 17, 2005
Really naked. Completely naked. With no clothes on. Not even Jewelry.
"I walked into the kitchen and found Hobe eating chinese peas with no clothes on. He wasn't even wearing a fig leaf! He was Balls Naked."
by JizzleDizzle September 22, 2005
Amusement park (or theme park) parking lot lingo to describe the horrific realization that you've forgotten where you parked your car. Originates from the Simpsons episode where they go to Itchy & Scratchy Land, 'The Violentest Place On Earth', where Homer says "Remember... we parked in the Itchy Lot", and the camera pulls back to reveal that there are only two lots, the Itchy Lot and the Scratchy Lot, each filled with 50,000 cars.
...walking out of Giants Stadium after the Metallica concert...

"Hey that was a great show! Uh-oh, where did we park?"

"I think we're in the Itchy Lot"
by JizzleDizzle May 16, 2006
A specific variation of a "Nod Of Acknowledgement" between two minorities of the same race. A Race Nod is exchanged between two persons of similar ethnicity, amongst a dominant population of a different ethnicity. No words will be spoken.
Scenario #1: "JD gave Dwight a Race Nod at the Korean wedding, as they were the only white dudes there."

Scenario #2: "JD's wife gave Dwight's wife a Race Nod, as they were the only Koreans at the Heavy Metal concert."

Scenario #3: "Leroy and Sun Yee both exchanged Race Nods with Punjab and Sheniqua at the mall, because they were the only mixed couples in the building."
by JizzleDizzle October 20, 2005
What your clueless mother calls marijuana.
(after discovering a pipe in the shape of a frog that was left on the kitchen counter by that jackass from the party last night) "Johnson! Are you doing weedy-weeds?"
by JizzleDizzle September 22, 2005

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