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An expression of agreement or farewell
1. You want me to have it? Shooties.
2. Shooties, I'm out.
by David Hawaii April 26, 2007
An emotional state in which a person is tempted to shoot inanimate objects, animals, or other people.
When my computer gave its third Blue Screen of Death in one day, I started to feel a little shooty
by Vote For David August 28, 2008

1. Making extensive use of firearms.

2. Having a pronounced affinity for firearms.

3. Being proficient in the use of firearms.
1. AR-15, check! Beretta, check! Ma Deuce, check! Vulcan, check! I am several different kinds of shooty!

2. I like guns, I like guns, I like guns, guns, guns... I am shooty!

3. I used to bullseye womprats in my T-16 back home! They're not much bigger than two meters! I am shooty!
by Mike December 04, 2006
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