the moment in which your gonna ejaculate on a girl.
I'm gonna shoot it, bang-boom
Shoot from the hip Got it loaded bang, pull the trigger boom I don't never miss
Hot sweaty steel, a woman's finger's on my gun
Pull it hard, touch the trigger Squeeze it when I'm gone
Ooh, come, woman, touch me, put it in your hand
Take a hold heart and soul Honey, I'm your man
Cock the hammer slowly and aim it at your love
Put my barrel in your holsterHot and sticky, here it comes
I got the bullet, load it up Slide it into place
My emotions Coming down all across your face
Like a velvet glove
by Edwierdo420 January 14, 2012
Top Definition
an expression which suggests the described person
a. speaks or behaves in a brusque, honest fashion
b. does not censor their actions or words
c. speaks tersely; communicates with the fewest number of words

cf. to be brutally honest; to tell it like it is; to pull no punches

deriv. (Old West--when a person who 'shot from the hip' pulled their trigger in a proper draw (ie from a hip holster.) This is in direct contrast to a person who arrived to the gunfight with guns drawn. By extension, a person who 'shoots from the hip' possesses the positive quality of handling a situation in the prescribed mode.)
I really like Vin Diesel's character; he sure shoots from the hip, boy!
by BGJ August 30, 2004
1.To make a decision or execute an action in the spur of the moment.
2.A quick reaction
"woah, joe had to shoot from the hip when that teacher woke him up and asked him a question"
by zatch August 29, 2004
Literally, it means to fire a pistol or firearm from the hip, instead of raising it up to aim properly. Slangwise it means to improvise or guess about the results of an action.
No time, gotta shoot from the hip
by Kinnin August 30, 2004
To attack or attempt something without a plan, similar to "Winging It," but with less intelligence and no regard for the welfare of those around you.
Joe: "Man, Paul told us he had our presentation covered, but decided to Shoot from the Hip and we all failed!"
Steve: "So much for passing that class."
Joe: "Man, Fuck Paul"
by RamHammer2015 August 21, 2014
Shooting a weapon while holding it really low, at hipline, as the name suggests. Usually done by only highly skilled marksmen, since aiming like that is very difficult.
When I shoot from the hip, I need an entire magazine to hit the broad side of a barn.
by kainam August 29, 2004
Drinking wine, especially a nice expensive one, straight from the bottle, forgoing the glass, aerator, decanter, etc.
"Shoot from the hip!" they said, as Jim slung back the bottle of 2005 Bordeaux and took a few big gulps.
by Areku421 August 16, 2011
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