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Prison ball means not have busted a nut in a long while causing the balls of a male to become sore. The feeling is similar to getting kicked in the nuts.
I have not seen my girlfriend in a while, so I have prison ball so i might have to jack off
by billyd April 06, 2005
To the MAX. When something has been "tricked out" it has be modified to its fullest potential. BUT something that is not completly modified can be reffered to as "tricked out" as long as it looks and funcitons decently
Acura Integra, Honda civic, Paintballguns, bikes, anything
by billyd August 29, 2004
Lying down on a couch unnaturally. Sitting up face first against the couch. Back must create a 90 degree angle Usually when passed out.
I want to pass out unnatural on a couch naked with a bottle of Irish Rose. After I did garbage-can-bowling
by billyd December 18, 2005
Go. Demonstrate. Start
Shoot it from the hit baby...Listen to Andre Nickatina
by billyd August 29, 2004
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