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1) When used to describe a person, it is used as an adjective meaning very afraid or scared

2) Can also be used to describe anything thats is simply messed up, not fair, or not right. Often refers to a process or situation.
1) (see other entries for example)

2) Ex 1: "Damn, did you hear Justin got into USC with like a 3.2 and James couldn't even get into UCLA with a 4.0"

"I know bro, I couldn't believe it...the college process is so shook"

Ex 2: "Did you hear about that baby who was orphaned because her parents died in a crash on the way home from the hospital"

"What a shame man, life is fucking shook"

Ex 3: "Who do you think will win the NBA lottery this year"

"That whole lottery thing is so shook, I bet David Stern just picks whoever he feels bad for"
by itsamovement April 09, 2014
1 1
The opposite of chill.

To do something stupid or lame that constitutes itself as NOT CHILL.

To have a bomb sister(the only good usage of Shook)
Man I just dropped that ladies grande latte, that's so Shook.
by Chillerbux1337 September 02, 2011
11 14
To be mad angry upset or scared.
I almost got caught fapping. I was shook.

What are you, shook?

You shook?

Seems shook bro.
by Zomg!NoWai! January 30, 2011
14 17
1) a state of physical unwellness related to the overindulgence in alcohol
2) being in shock following some kind of traumatic event where you are safe and well now but seconds ago saw your life flash in front of your eyes and your fear of death hasn't quite been replaced by your continuing grip on life.
1) Jaysus but we had some amount of pints last night, I confess I'm a bit shook today.
2)"That car nearly hit you, are you okay?"
"I'm fine, thank God, just a bit shook"
by Tel March 30, 2005
39 43
The act of shooting jizz in a girls eye.
"So did you shook in her eye?" "So I heard you shook'd her." "Yeah i heard he shooks her all the time." "How do I shook someone?"
by Dr. Tepmetal July 24, 2009
7 17
(noun) someone who shakes off his own heritage.
the soldier has a letter from home that he did not open for over a month. I asked him if he was a shook.
by Craig Brenner January 21, 2008
1 12
Did a person dirty/wrong
person1:"Aye bitch he stole your board"
person2:AWWWWWWW hella shook
by dopestFEIN July 24, 2008
2 14