Getting a girl off by stimulation of the first and middle finger in the vagina while slipping pinky finger into the anus for additional pleasure.
Examples of the shocker are:

Two in the easy, one in the sleazy
Two in the rung, one in the dung
Two in the pounder, one in the rounder
Two in the cooter, one in the pooter
Two in the pump, one in the rump
Two in the grasshole, one in the asshole
Two in the rug, one in the plug
Two in the frollicks, one in the bollocks
Two in the punk, one in the bunk
Two in the pump, one in the rump
Two in the shooter, one in the tooter
Two in the fucker, one in the pucker
Two in the cha-cha, one in the ka-ka
Two in the choo-choo, one in the poo-poo
Two in the spunk, one in the bunk
Two in the funk, one in the stunk
Two in the ponanny, one in the shit cranny

It's all something like that ;-)
#pussy #poonanny #pleasure #cha-cha #cooter #grasshole #pounder
by The Edge and friends December 30, 2005
A hand gesture, with sexual connotations, which stupid-American-teenagers constantly show because they think it's cool.
"Like dude, I'm so cool! Watch we flash the shocker! hur hur."
by SpaceM May 16, 2005
A student attending Wichita State University.
Jack decided to become a Shocker. He is going to attend WSU next year.
#wsu fan #wsu student #shockers #wheatshocker #wichita u #wichita state
by shockerfan97 September 08, 2007
Two fingers in the vagina, one in the asshole.
I made this up just now :P

Two in the Dickhole, One in the Shithole..

#shocker #pounder #ass #pussy #dick
by 123454321123443210 June 12, 2007
A name for a penis when being used sexually.
When she pulled down my boxers, out came my shocker.
#dick #wiggler #hangar #cock #weiner
by The Hangman July 07, 2009
Basically the coolest nigs ever
you dude you wanna hang out with the shockers.. YEAh i heard mike is the shit hes so cool
#mike #shockers #why not #cool #sam #jake #reno
by shanahanagins June 14, 2008
two in the pink one in the stink
If all else fails give that bit$h the SHOCKER!!!!
#darkthunder #theundercarraige #misbehavin #thelostboy #oooops!!!!!
by robwestcoast September 27, 2006
The Shockers are a group of down ass g's from the northside of Sioux City Iowa.
The Shockers mounted up for a long night of natty ice and hogging.
#shockers #siouxcity #naturalice #iowa #northside #siouxcitycarwash
by brandon1984 December 07, 2007
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