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v. Petty theft, or to take a small amount of something with or without permission

n. a modest portion
I shniggled her milkshake when she wasn't looking!

Could I get a shniggle of sugar, hon?
by Lil'R June 23, 2011
Short for shits'n'giggles
Lets try it just for shniggles!
by Greg Post August 23, 2007
When you are surprised or just happy!
--drops books-- "ahh shniggles!"
by tonyromo199 April 12, 2011
Similiar to shennanigans or bullshit, shniggles is best used when calling some one on a bluff or a lie
Man 1: DUDE, I banged your mom. she was so decent.
by SteezCatz August 31, 2011
a shniggle is something you feel is not quite right about yourself when you are about to meet someone whose image of you is very important.
Aww, man, I am about to go on a date with the most groovy d.j., but there is a shniggle in my hair. I am so bummed! Another example: Oh, I am going to travel to meet my cosmic soulmate tomorrow, but there are shniggles all over the painting I made for him.
by crow-rainbow January 07, 2009
A) Like intimate snuggling.
B) When you snuggle then start doing sexual favors for your partner.
Girl: Baybay let's Shnuggle!
Boy: Okay, but only for a few minutes. Cause I wanna Shniggle!
by YO$HI1365 September 01, 2010
some random word that really doesn't mean anything; used as an interjection
Thats totally shniggle
by ace of spaids September 06, 2006

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