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Shnick: A person who can be nice but really isn't. This person will try to blame the world for his problems but his own. He really doesn't care for anyone but his self. Can be referred to as a Gaf, noob In a way because of his behavior. Sometimes this person may not believe in showering everyday. A shnick might try to use you in any kind of way that they can.
John: Hey why is that dude acting like that

Greg: I don't know why

John: Dude he is totally being a shnick
by dragonballz89 September 12, 2010
It's a name given to twins that are identical in appearance. It is commonly said when you can't tell the difference between twins.
Both twins are standing in front of you so you look in between them and say, "here shnick, shnicky poo, shnickers...etc." and which ever one comes is the winner. The one that doesn't come will be called "Shnitzel."
by I love Shnicks March 09, 2007
Another term used for penis.
Who wants to shnack on my shnick.
by J Doo Dee Doo Dee October 30, 2007
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