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A horrible driver. Some asshole who pulls a dick move when driving ie: " That fucking Shmohawk just cut me off." You fucking shmohawk.
As desribed in season 6 of curb your enthusiasm by Larry David and Larry's father. I think it might be jewish or hebrew or something. Rent that shit, its fucking funny. A shmohawk does not know how to drive.
#bad driver #dick #fucker #shmo #hawk #shmole
by idiotech66 January 08, 2008
Yinglish: A cover word for "shmuck."
That Maude is a real shmohawk.
by Steviedee January 16, 2004
describes an erratic and often dangerous driver
"Did that effing shmohawk just cut me off?!!"
#schmohawk #shmo #reckless driver #bad driver #good driver
by L. David January 22, 2009
When a person makes an absolutely outlandish decision, and after some time, that decision comes back to haunt them even more.
Marian Hossa turned down a 7 year $48 million dollar contract from the Penguins to play for the Red Wings last Fall, and instead signed a 1-year $7.8 million dollar contract with the Red Wings in order to have a better chance at winning the Stanley Cup. Last week, the Penguins beat the Red Wings in the Finals and the Shmohawk got to watch his teammates celebrate without him.
#hossa #cup #penguins #wings #money #dumb
by LakeForestWASP June 17, 2009
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