Small penis or dick, also reffering to any person or anything. It can be used for anything anyone and anything can be a shmeat
Damn you got a shmeat.

You are such a shmeater shut up you shmeat.

Shmeat shut the fuck up you got a shmeater.
by gaybutsex01 November 27, 2006
Top Definition
To have, small penis. Roughly no more then 3 inches. No more girth then 2 inches.
Danny has a serious case of shmeat.
by Rheptar. June 06, 2009
n., a lab-created meat product; essentially, animal tissue which has been cultured for the purpose of consumption without harm to animals.
PETA is a fan of shmeat.
by Joe Vegetarian December 10, 2008
Amalgamation of "shit" and "meat", animal tissue engineered in a petri dish, sponsored by PETA, supposedly with the aim of replacing meat for consumption.
"Shmeat is such a horrible name, it sounds like what you get when you cross shit and meat." -- cdog, article comment

"If it looks like an egg yolk made of blood, it's shmeat"
by Andariel Halo March 17, 2009
Meat or meat products produced by factory farming, CAFOs, or other unethical practices.

Combines "shit" and "meat".
Bro 1: Wanna hit up that Micky D's?
Bro 2: Hells no, I don't eat those shmeat burgers man!
Bro 1: So what you eat, bro?
Bro 2: I get certified human meat, man. Then I cook it myself.
Bro 1: Word.
by noshmeat January 26, 2011
fake meat ; vegetable protean made to taste like meat. short for "shit for meat". also, shicken, sham, etc
we are having shmeat for dinner.
by susyhunter April 03, 2014
1. The word used to refer to a hilariously small penis

2. The one thing that justin bieber eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
I saw Christian getting into some compression pants in gym today. He got some Shmeat!!!
by Bustin' balls April 19, 2016
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