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The way Mexican-Americans pronounce "chicken".

"Sh-" is often substituted for any word beginning with "ch-".
I like my tacos with shicken and sheese.
by joojits March 10, 2010
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if you are from Sweden, you will definitely mix up "chicken" with "shicken".

Pronouncing CH can be hard as it does not exist in Swedish language. Children becomes Shildren and so on
I took my shildren to a restaurant and had shicken there.
by F_117 October 18, 2010
The ghetto way of saying 'chicken'
Spencer: "Hey ya'll want some shicken?"
Erin: "Sure, I would love me some home made shicken!"
by touchmybiglovelypenis December 20, 2010
A girl whom you only know for sexual favors.
"Hey i could always ask muh shicken for a salad tossing"
by arrco April 13, 2003
SHICKEN has no meaning, it's just some leet kid who lives in california. It's more of an alias.
Liek oh em gee SHICKEN is teh leet.
by SHICKEN June 28, 2004
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