its when a guy fucks a girl in the ass and busts a fat nut and the next morning she takes a milky shit thanks to you.thats shiz
the other weekend my buddy and his girl had butt sex and in the morning she shit cum,perfect example of shiz
by ctown30 February 21, 2009
the powdery stuff at the bottom of cereal bags, bags of chips, and bags of corn nuts.
Gosh danggit, why do i always get the shiz in my cereal bowl?
by Pete Paulos April 06, 2003
syn. for shit - vulgar usage
I ain't buyin' any of that shiz...
by shIZ March 31, 2003
like shiat biatch, like what is this shit cept what is this shiz. used in company of white crackas and children
what kind of shiz is this!
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
The combination of shit and jizz. Usually leftover after anal sex.
Dude, after we were done there was a ton of shiz leftover!
by Jordemort July 29, 2011
Is clipping, which came from the word of "Schizophrenia". Often used as a replacement to: describe something psychedelic or recount somebody's insanity. This word is also often compared to the word "shit".
That movie was a total shiz. I didn't understand a thing.
by chuppakabra July 29, 2011
To be in such a stage of fright that one experiences a bowel movement and ejaculation.
Joe was so terrified and surprised when Charles jumped out and scared him he shizzed.
by C4PO July 08, 2010
Shiz: A mixture of shit and jizz
Ill rather eat bull SHIZ instead of doing this exam.
by killerzofall April 06, 2010

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