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another way to say "no". created in philly
question: yo. do you got a token so so i can catch this el?
answer: niz....
by sean tilz November 04, 2010
A term used to describe a cool guy who gets all the chicks and is respected by his peers. Sometimes the word is used as a term of endearment, used by females to refer to a boyfriend / close male friend. Often, but not always, the term is used to refer to a male originally from the Indian subcontinent who has a first name beginning with the letter 'N'; but it can also be used to refer to a European male who is respected.
That guy's full name is Nilesh, but we all call him Niz because he is cool.
by Enter_Sandman August 07, 2006
Slang; in reference to or about a "Nigger", often said within earshot to show insult without getting caught.
Dude look at that dirty crackheaded niz over there, bitch looks nasty as fuck. Dirty fucking niz.
by Nizaclease May 09, 2011
acronym; Necropheliac induced Zomburu, native to a certan 'Anime Sakura', habitually 'porks' the dead, in hopes of once again feeling pleasure. Eats Brains.
ZOMBURUU!!!! ::eats brains::
by NiZ Bumblebone December 23, 2003

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