if one was to look toward the full moon she would be there;
if one was to smell a dark red rose her scent would be there;
if one was to look at the starts the twinkle in her eyes would be there;
GOD that shivani
"face goes red....u start to feel light headed"
by CHUCK September 19, 2004
Top Definition
a supreme goddess, the feminine half of God
Parvati, after she became the god Shiva's wife, was called Shivani
by Shivani November 10, 2003
1.) A sweet, and beautiful girl.
2.) Every Man's Desire.
1.) All I want is a Shivani.
2.) My Shivani will be fulfilled.
3.) I Worship Shivani.
by Shivani March 28, 2004
hotter then garam garam chai!!...the type of person that one would do the "bedroom bhangra" with. Doritos got "Spicier Nacho"...Cheetos gots "Flamin Hot"...indian people got "SHIVANI!" that dress you are a shivani!
by Doritos February 16, 2004
An amazing Indian girl with a cute and funny personality, that loves people in general and loves to have a good time.

Shivani's also are wonderful dancers, and often seem to attract many boys.
Person 1: Did you meet Shivani last night?
Person 2: Yea, Shivani seemed like an awesome girl, lets hang with her soon!
by shakeeeeeme January 30, 2010
The most awesomest person to ever walk the planed. Sweet, sexy, and slim
what a gorgeous shivani
by Shivani lover (bill) April 13, 2010
Sexy Girl.
She is the best girl you'll ever meet, simply awesome.
If you ever find a Shivani, never let her go, you'll definetely regret it.
Guy #1: Hey, did you see that girl? She's smoking hot!
Guy #2: Oh, yeah. That's Shivani. She's stunning.
Guy #1: She pretty fucking sexy.. *gets boner*
by guynumbertwo November 28, 2013
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