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a supreme goddess, the feminine half of God
Parvati, after she became the god Shiva's wife, was called Shivani
by Shivani November 10, 2003
1.) A sweet, and beautiful girl.
2.) Every Man's Desire.
1.) All I want is a Shivani.
2.) My Shivani will be fulfilled.
3.) I Worship Shivani.
by Shivani March 28, 2004
1.) A sexy man
2.) Perfect
3.) Player
1.) OMG! he's sooo MANIT.
2.) I want a Manit Man.
3.) He's such a manit.
by Shivani March 28, 2004
it's when somethings cool or hot. it's also when somethings crunk or theres a lot of good stuff goin on
that party was poppin'!
is there something poppin' ova there tonight?
by Shivani March 25, 2005
To throw a fit; to make a scene.
Mimi had a shindy when she realized UNO's gave her a pickle as a side order instead of mashed potatos.
by Shivani March 25, 2005
1.An ungly bastard
2.Offensive term, slang with a negative connotation
1.You don't want to be a Manit.
2.You will never get a girl you Manit.
3.Ew, hes a Manit.
by Shivani March 28, 2004
n. a very slow gujju girl that dates buff guys that are three years older than them. Frequently uses the words "huh" and "what" in a conversation because they are too slow to understand
Man quit being so stupid all the time people might think your a sarika.
by Shivani March 07, 2004
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