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Hair. As in Barnet Fair
"E's gone to get his Barnet trimmed! E'll look right pucker! Gaaaawd blimey guv'nor!
by Welly September 03, 2003
185 61
a cockney phrase for a new haircut.
"thats a great barnet!" - joe turner
by dirtybj January 02, 2012
35 18
An English town just off the north edge of London, at the top of the northern line.
A boring place, overrun by the common urban chav and aggressive people who wear henleys.
Other places such as Harrow or Wembley or Harlesden are much, much worse than Barnet, as they are full to the brim with badmans, rudeboys and dole scum.
Harrow is a shithole, lets go to Barnet.
by Monkey See Monkeyy Do December 27, 2009
62 61
big bushy hair like a pillow on the back of your head .you have to shoat "oweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"and look like the michalin man .also have bugeies and then have a hair cut like a monk or friar tuck.
get your hair cut you barnet basher
yo yo mushroom head
by smelly pig February 22, 2005
13 91