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enormous structure in which 90,000 humans gather in fellowship to cheer on the Tigers; known to be one of the toughest places to play football in the south, as well as one of the loudest, even reaching up to 124 dB, or as loud as a 747 airplane.
Death Valley, where the most exciting 25 seconds of college football is.
by Lambo September 28, 2005
The special combination of a son and cousin, that comes from reproducing with a family member, therefore making your offspring, also your cousin.
Wow, did you see mike hooked up with his aunt, that is gonna be one ugly sousin.
by LAMBO June 01, 2012
Awfully bad barnet, often referred to as 'Shitus Wiggus' or 'Wiggy'.

Seen most often on professional footballers, or lesbians.

Think the term eminates from Russia where people would often cover their head in shite in order to improve their look.
That is one badass shitwig, you should cut your barnet
by Lambo November 24, 2003

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