An utterly objectionable and despised individual.. especially one whose personality is compounded by subnormal intelligence.
Sith Whilley is a shitstain on the ass of the human race.
by SNELDAWG January 13, 2006
A person who's complete and utterly disgusting, smells like cigarette smoke, is arrogent, thinks that if she bore you she can kill you, and drinks boxed wine.

I mean, who drinks BOXED wine?!
Christina L. B.
by Royal Rainbow!!!! April 01, 2005
disgusting, loathesome, vile, distasteful, wrathful, belligerent, and more. shitstains are human fecal matter. They are the lowest of the low.
my girlfriends ex is a real shitstain for the way he treated her.
by agent of chaos October 24, 2006
A stain on a persons underwear from shit. This normally happens to a heavyset person.

This usually happens by:

1.) Farting too hard
2.) Not wiping after a soupy shit

This can be embarrassing.
Guy 1: LOL did you see that guys shitstain when he was changing!?
Guy 2: Yeah!! It was disgusting! He must have been farting too much.
by MarkMan641 November 26, 2011
the dude that adds in the lamest shit at the end of a conversation and all you can do is call him a shit stain
nigga you are a nigga my nigga fo sho nigga

the guy that said that is a shit stain
by sam adams blood January 09, 2009
one of the pedophiles that lurk in the newsgroup ie: Tomba aka LAurence Taylor, Marcel Marre, Y-not, among others
Tomba is a shit-stain on the underwear of society.
by bobandcarole February 05, 2006
Someone who aggrevates others, and causes trouble just to make them mad; mischevious; trouble making.
Shit Stain runs up to a girl and grabs her boob.
by XxSh1tStA1nxX April 26, 2012
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