A moustache made of shit.
Dude, he used a turd to give himself a shitstache.
by Clintman August 24, 2006
Top Definition
A mustache that is only partially grown. It is usually found among guys in high school whom are too unkept to bother shaving before most of their facial hair comes in. Their mustaches look really crappy.
ewww he really should shave that shitstache
by Francois chevalier August 30, 2006
when a shit trail ends up on someone's upper lip after eating out a butthole.
my gramma was eating my butt the other day and ended up wiht the funniest shitstache when shew as done.
by blumpkinboychaps April 04, 2009
When a police officer grows a mustache that went out in the seventies. For example Officer Ray Fox 5628.
Officer Fox:"License, registration, and insurance please ma'am."

Woman:"Wow! You scared the piss out of me with that ugly fucking shitstache. I thought you had treacher collins syndrome"

by Cheesedick Parade October 15, 2006
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