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when a man tucks his erect penis between his legs and presents it to another person to suck from behind.
i was feeling frisky so i gave the woman the old undertuck n' suck
by blumpkinboychaps April 03, 2009
when the massive load of cum causes one's lips to become sealed shut with gewy-stickyness after performing the act of fellatio.
i gave this hobo a yoit taco the other day that left him speechless for days.
by blumpkinboychaps April 03, 2009
the same as regular yoit, but when a pubic hair becomes logged in the cum between the fellatio-giver's tooth, it automatically turns into a "yoit salad"
i thought the man had regular yoit build up in his teeth until i realized it was a yoit salad upon spotting the pube.
by blumpkinboychaps April 03, 2009
a rag/clothe/kleenex/ or old crusty t-shirt a bitch uses to wipe the yoit from between her teeth.
i was cleaning my room the other day and found an old crusty stiff yoit rag under my bed.
by blumpkinboychaps April 04, 2009
when a bitch pulls the cock out early during the ejaculation process and gets yoit on her lip which resembles a mustache.
person 1:did you see the new "got yoit?" billboard?

person 2: yea that bitch had a nice yoitstache.
by blumpkinboychaps April 04, 2009
when a shit trail ends up on someone's upper lip after eating out a butthole.
my gramma was eating my butt the other day and ended up wiht the funniest shitstache when shew as done.
by blumpkinboychaps April 04, 2009
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