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Similar in process to a Dirty sanchez. There are 2 times this can be done:
1) When a man, after anal sex, puts his finger inside a girl (or guy's) ass and takes alot of shit on his finger and wipes the crap above the his partner's lip, which resembles a hitler-like moustache.
2) A sleepover prank. When someone is sleeping wipe shit on above their lip.
The only diffrence between a shitler and a dirty sanchez is that a shitler is thicker and has more crap then a dirty sanchez.
1) Yo you gave that guy at the sleepover a shitler?
2) Yeah but i didnt bang him up the ass!!
by Striker7x February 03, 2005
It's like Hitler, only worse.
My landlord is such a shitler busting my balls all the time.
by GmanAllright March 15, 2009
To excrete faeces that smells like several jews were gassed to death in your colon.
Don't go in there, I just did a Shitler.
by Sardauakar Ninja September 08, 2010
To apply the feces from one's ass to your own or another persons upper lip.
I stuck my finger in Sally's ass and wiped the poo on her upper lip. Now she looks like Hitler.
by nG March 23, 2003
After having butt sex with a dirty ass, you pull your shit covered dick out and smear a little patch of shit on the fuckee's nose. Then you pull out some of the fuckee's pubes and you sprinkle them on the smeared shit. Then you stand up and salute while shouting "Heil Shiter!"
dude 1: Guess what I did last night?
dude 2: Wha?
dude 1: I gave your mom a Shitler.
dude 2: Goddamnit. You motherfucker!
by bobertmeowth February 11, 2008
When a fat person takes a crap and leaves a one inch shit streak on the toilet seat.
Omg. Can you believe that fat ass left a Shitler on the toilet seat? Seat Heil!
by rexofdeth November 30, 2014
A combination of Satan and Hitler. A person who is an absolute asshole. This person, does not have to inflict bodily harm, or cause physical damage, but mostly psychological and emotional trauma. This person, however, may be friends or close to the person he or she hurts. A big bad evil wolf in sheep's clothing. This person is also a manipulator and wants to rule with her iron fist. This person is also old, perhaps post middle age, and is old and crusty, jealous of younger adults.
Tonya was in the hospital for surgery and I wanted to get her dinner to-go from the annual Church Dinner, but Darsha said no take outs. "That's the Rule" I said "yes, but this would be an exception. Tonya is getting major surgery and I'd like to bring it to her". So Darsha calls back and says "That's absolutely not possible, but I can give you $20 for a meal card or something from Bob Evans". I said forget it and hung up the phone. Wow, what a Shitler.! old hag, washed up hag, old bitch, old witch, crusty old hag
by Buck Walter January 19, 2016
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