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1. A county in Kentucky, known for its extremely clean natural spring.
2. An American whiskey produced in the county of Bourbon, Kentucky.
1. We went to Bourbon to tour the Jim Beam distillery.
2. We got so hammered on free samples of Bourbon at the Jim Beam distillery.
by Ajiggy December 02, 2003
1) American whiskey made in Kentucky, not necessarily in Bourbon county (one of my favorites is made in Woodford county). Some say the limestone in the water in Kentucky gives the bourbon a distinctive taste. US Congress declared bourbon "America's Native Spirit" and it's official distilled spirit in 1964.

2) The best drink if you feel like "gettin red" and you're a poor soul that can't get any moonshine.
Baby, this bourbon makes you look HOT!!

In order to do a good rebel yell, you first have to lubricate your throat with a healthy dose of bourbon.

It's not the shoes, it's the bourbon.

by Kentucky Worley January 15, 2007
Quite possibly the single greatest liquor known to man . Serve straight up, lest you ruin perfection.
All bourbons are delicious, but if you've got the cash go for 101 proof Wild Turkey Bourbon. Can't go wrong.
by Stirred,NotShaken December 09, 2009
When a limp, stubby, non-erect penis is inserted into the female partner's anus, using clotted cream as lubricant. The penis is swished around in a whisking motion until the penis becomes erect - resembling a Bourbon biscuit.
Boris was excited for later, as any English man would be when they're given the privilege to try out the Bourbon technique!
by bourbonmuncher February 09, 2015
The buiscuit.
Can be used in any situation.
Has songs going along with it.
Par example une - 'Bour to the bon to the bour bour bon'
Par example deux - 'Bon to the bour to the bon bon bour'
BOOOUUUURRRRBOOOOOOOON was actually invented in a tent on a hill by Bryony and Kerry.

See Eaw for an example.
Kerry - BOURBON!
Bryony - BOURBON I'm warning you!
by Bryony McEwan March 05, 2008
A type of busciut which contains chocolate cream within two sandwhich chocolate buscuits.
"Would you like a bourbon?"
"Yes please"
by mr. tubb fan April 21, 2005
Initially, a type of biscuit. However a group of yorkshire lads coined the term when providing the game 'soggy biscuit' with a specific type of biscuit. Therefore, bourbon is a specific version of the game, ie 'fancy a game of bourbon?'or 'me and her ate a bourbon last night'.
'fancy a game of bourbon?'or 'me and her ate a bourbon last night'.
by Tresor Kandol January 18, 2008
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