The act of making something shitty or horrible. The act of ruining/damaging something. Used instead of the word ruined or fucked up. This word is used to emphasis how bad things got, the Kitchen table wasn't messy, it was shitified.
Who shitified my car!
Your sister shitified my day.
My dog shitified the couch, we threw it away.
by Spinn February 08, 2010
Top Definition
1. (adj) A way to describe life when it is totally crap and shit

2. (adj) A way in which to describe an object in general
1. My life is so crap, it's shitified

2. Your car is shitified!!!
by Phil MiHole March 02, 2004
to be completely wasted
damn, he is so shitified
by blackmamba007 March 04, 2004
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