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To do something on the sly is doing something sneakily, like a ninja.
"Check it out, I stole this on the sly."
"I'm skiving off school, on the sly of course."
by Naevai April 03, 2009
Terrifying to a degree where you almost shit youself.
"That movie was seriously shitifying!"
"Kate is shitifying when she's high."
by Naevai November 17, 2009
The words mysterious and suspicious mashed together to make a word that means both. When something or someone looks or acts suspiciously.
"That guy over there is being really musticious."

"No one's been in there for years, very musticious..."
by Naevai July 04, 2009
What food becomes when you leave it in your fridge for too long and it dries out beyond recognition. Usually leftovers that you tell yourself you're going to eat another time but fail to put in tupperware. Still edible but really gross.
Dude, you've got all kinds of fridge jerky in here. Will you PLEASE through some of this out?
by Naevai July 13, 2011
A technique used to punch your friends/someone who deserves it.
You put your fist on the flat palm of your other hand and tell the victim to smell your cheese. When they put their face near your fist, you punch them. Simple as that.
Lazy cousin of The Cancer Prank.
Person 1: Hey Dan, smell my cheese. -Holds out 'cheese'-
Person 2: Um, okay... -Does so-
Person 1: -Punch-
Person 2: OW. You bastard!
by Naevai December 08, 2009

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