a terrible, worthless person; usually from Texas
My friend Garrett Hall is a shitheel
by Dr. Funk December 16, 2003
One who is broke but tries to appear as though they have money by spending other peopl's money.
"That shit heel bought a round on my tab!"
by curiousg August 27, 2009
1. A union ass bag who steals from the workers while supposedly "representing" their interests.

2. An AFSCME Representative

Note: this is a gender inclusive term that can be applied to a man, woman, or trans-gendered person.
That shit-heel at AFSCME is worse than Jimmy Hoffa. At least Hoffa got the workers paid good. That shit-heel at AFSCME doesn't even do that for us. Fact is s(he) couldn't give two shits about us. S(he) just wants to get paid..
by guyworkin April 04, 2009
a person who is whiny, obnoxious and annoying
I took my kid to kmart and they wanted me to buy them a shirt, I wouldn't buy it for them, so they acted like such a shitheel.
by booyahx23 August 10, 2009
A neophyte. An inexperienced person or a beginner. To be compared to a baby that kicks it's legs during diaper changes and gets shit on it's heels.
That new guy on the job is just a shitheel.
by riverguy April 11, 2009
an insignificant or annoying person.
You know the little guy that works down that way? Yeah, he's a shitheel.
by dahabawahbo August 19, 2008
1. An obnoxious stupid person who is totally unaware that others are disgusted by them.
2. Someone who is unaware they have excrement on their shoes or feet.

My neighbor's kid is a worthless shitheel who can't even drive a lawnmower in a straight line.
by Dr. Literate August 06, 2006

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