One who has shit on his head.
Your a definite shit head.
by bluntman and chronic cam June 19, 2006
see shithead
Another song: (To the tune of daydream believer by the Monkees)
"Cheer up Danny Wilson
Oh what can it mean
To a sad Shithead bastard
and a shit football team"
by Rob Bayliss January 08, 2004
one who shits on his head as enjoyment. Most likly happens when males are horny and nothing to fuck. Also used as an insuilt.
greg is such a shit head.
by citizen1234567890 October 23, 2005
used when talking about an ex boyfriend or when talking about someone who dose somthing stupid to hurt you.
did you talk to shit head today
by sally February 14, 2005
Shithead means amy..amy means shithead
amy you my friend are a shithead
by sexcbeast April 10, 2005
a person who forgets an improtant item for a specific task which puts everything to a halt
This shithead, Mickey, forgot to bring the shovels out to the desert so can bury these two wise guys.

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