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When things get chaotic or uncontrolable, shit has hit the fan.
3,000 people were waiting for the movie 7 hours before it opened. When it was announced that the movie would not be showing, 50 chimps on motorcycles parachuted down from the sky. The monkeys pulled out assorted automatic assault weapons and then the shit hit the fan.
by John_the_WOTist May 15, 2003
The practice of sending credit card companies stuff that they don't want or need (such as coupons, or even other credit card offers that you get) using the pre-paid envelope they send you; harassing telemarketers when they call you; creating viruses that target only computers or e-mail accounts of spamers; contacting everyone and everything that might offer you something you don't want and telling them not to. Typically done as a way of entertaining yourself when you have small amounts of free time and nothing else to do. Includes the prevention in any way of any kind of advertisement.
Person A: why don't you just throw them away and ignore everything?
Person B: Because it's more fun to make an ass of myself. You should try antispaming too.
by John_the_WOTist May 15, 2003
Functions improperly in more then one way.
Person A: I think that our school mascot should be not only functional but multifunctional, so that it does more for the students here.
Person B: I think that our school mascot should be multidysfunctional, so that we can offend everyone else and send the wrong message to kids; and because I don't like you.
by John_the_WOTist March 13, 2003
Something allegedly fantastic or good that you know to actually be unbelievably shitty.
Person A: Everyone likes dogs because they're so great. You like dogs, right?
Person B: Yeah, dogs are shitastic.
by John_the_WOTist March 13, 2003
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